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The Egyptians believed that bigger eyes meant women were more fertile, Colonial women believed color on the eyes signified wealth, Puritians believed all make up signified Jezebel's of seduction. History has since proven that most women don't want to leave the house without mascara! (Myself included!) Since that time make up artists (myself included) have searched for the perfect mascara. Get ready ladies to make lash history…
This is the "spanks" of mascara. Keeping every lash in the right place and not moving until you take it off. This is truly an artist wand inside a progressive formula containing:

  • *natural polymers
  • *shapes lashes for 12 hours
  • *increases curl by 50%
  • *contains vitiman A,C and E
  • *perfect for sensitive eyes/ contact wearers (I wear contacts and love!)
  • *water resistant
  • Below is my technique for "FANNING" your lashes OUT!

    Step 1

    After using your eye lash curler ( if you want to double the effect) Dip the mascara wand inside your fresh tube.

  • Place the wand in the middle of your lashes and move toward the crown of your head (2-3 coats)

  • Step 2

    Place the wand at the corner section of your lashes toward your ears.

    Step 3

  • Place the wand toward the end section of your lashes (closest to your nose bridge) comb the lashes toward the nose bridge.
  • Also with the access lash formula left on the wand lightly swipe the bottom lashes.
  • This gorgeous "fanned out" look immediately awakens the eyes and pulls everything up. Modern, Sexy and classy.

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